Metal Mixing and Mastering Services

Have a look at what I can do for you and contact me so we can get the process started! Keep in mind the following prices are based on an average song length of 3:00 to 4:00 minutes. 

Mixing: $200

Mastering: $40

Drum Editing: $125

Drum Programming: $100

Guitar/Bass Editing: $80

Vocal Editing: $50

Guitar Reamping: $20

YouTube Video Review & Demo Services

Need a video review? Aside from online metal mixing services, I have a quickly growing YouTube channel with a hungry audience for all things metal.

Do you have a new drum sample library coming out? What about a bass library? New guitar VST? Orchestral libraries? I can have a look at your product and provide a custom product review for my audience.

IMPORTANT: Paid product reviews do not in any way, shape, or form guarantee a positive review. You are paying for my time and for me to show your product to my audience. I will give my full and honest opinion of your product, which is not only morally and ethically correct, but what my audience has come to expect from the content on my channel.

In each and every one of my demonstration videos, I have:

  • Thoroughly checked the product for bugs, errors, or “weird” things - if anything is found, I will let you know immediately;

  • Come up with completely original riffs, songs, or ideas not previously used in other demonstration videos;

  • Strived to provide a full demonstration of the product as well as how I wrote and produced the track with the product being reviewed;

  • Tips, ideas, or suggestions about how to use the product or how it could be improved.

The starting rate for a video review is $500, which covers:

  • Time invested testing and learning about your product and how to use it;

  • Time writing original riffs and ideas for your video;

  • Time spent mixing and mastering the song for your video;

  • Time spent scripting and recording the video;

  • Editing the video;

  • Creating custom graphics for your video and titles;

  • Researching and creating the most effective SEO title and SEO description for your product on YouTube;

50% payment in advance will be required and the remaining 50% is paid when you approve the video for publication. (Video will be made public immediately only after total amount is paid in full.)

Contact me to tell me about your product so we can get started!