Where are you from?

I live and work from Kiev, Ukraine, which is in the Eastern European time zone of GMT +3.

Do you actually own everything you use?

I’m proud to say that every single plugin and DAW I use has a proper legal license to my name. Your music will be created legally by a metal mixing studio that has invested in itself by actually buying the products required to do the work. 

Do you accept PayPal?

Due to various governmental policies and bureaucracy, I can’t accept PayPal payments. (The whole of Ukraine can’t accept incoming money payments, it’s not just me.) Payments for my online metal mixing services can be made via SWIFT Bank Transfer or Western Union. The preferred and easiest way is Western Union.

How can I send you payments?

You can send payments for my services via SWIFT Bank Transfer or with Western Union. Details for both are provided when we begin working on your project. I do prefer Western Union as it can be done online and, since I pick it up in person, can immediately confirm payment to you.

Will you do the mix if I promise to pay you afterward?

My metal mixing services require a lot of time and effort, which means I can’t work for promises. 

What is your payment policy?

My payment policy is 50% of the total project cost in advance, and 50% upon completion, where you would then receive your finished mixes. (You will receive full mixes with -12dB dips at various times in the song so you are able to make mix notes.) The only exception to this rule concerns single songs, where full payment for the production of your song would need to be paid in full in advance. 

No work will begin until the 50% advance payment is made (or 100% payment in case of singles), and no finished mixes will be sent without the final 50% being paid. No exceptions. Ever.

How do you want me to send you the files for mixing?

I have a complete list of instructions on how to do this and I will create a space for you on my Google Drive. You’ll know the exact process when we begin working on your project.

Will you go ahead and edit the tracks while you mix?

No. Mixing and editing are two different things. I can edit your tracks and then mix them, but editing your tracks is a billed service. If you bring me on to mix your tracks with no explicit instructions or agreements that I should edit them, I will mix them as I receive them.

Do you offer album deals or special offers at all?

In general, yes, but this is completely project dependent. Album deals and special offers happen in cases where the project is huge, will take a long time, and require many different billed services. 

What about mix revisions?

I offer two mix revisions for every song and one master revision free of charge. After that, each subsequent mix revision is $20 and each subsequent master revision is $10. These totals would be added to the second 50% payment.

Can you make my mix sound like [Insert Famous Mixer] mixed it?

No, I can’t. I’m Scott. I’m not Joey Sturgis, Eyal Levi, Joel Wanasek, Andy Sneap, or any of those other guys. I have my own mixing sound and style and I’m not interested in copying other people’s sounds. As they say, if you want it to sound like Joey Sturgis mixed your music, you may want to try contacting Joey Sturgis.

Can you do a video review of my product for your Chernobyl Studios YouTube channel?

Yes I can. I offer to do comprehensive video reviews and demos that I’ll post for my audience to see. You can check out the details on my Services page.

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