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Below, have a listen to a selection of previous projects that have been completed by Chernobyl Studios. If brutality, darkness, and blast beats are what you do—then this is the online metal mixing and mastering studio you've been looking for.



Chernobyl Studios did such an amazing job mixing the new Bloodsoaked songs. I had tested out a few other studios before going with Chernobyl and I could not be happier. I would recommend them to any extreme music band looking for top quality mixes.


Vampiric Tyranny

Working with Scott was awesome and easy! He's very responsive and knows how to make the right adjustments to the projects. His creative input was much appreciated also!


Scrap Pile

Scott is a fantastic audio engineer to work with! He’s a laid back dude while at the same time working to ensure he can deliver to you a quality product that you’re happy with. Scott took the time to engineer the perfect tones that we used on our debut EP and didn’t stop until we were happy with what he delivered. 10/10 slams; would def book again!


System Machine

I have worked with many engineers/producers in my 30 years in the music industry & I have to say Scott is the best of the bunch. His skill level & his attention to detail are second to none. He really listens & understands what bands & artists want and the fact that he treats your music like it was his own sets him & Chernobyl Studios apart from the rest. It's not just a job to him, it's his passion & that really shines through when working with him. I give Scott & Chernobyl Studios the highest recommendation possible. If you want to work with someone who will care about your music just as much as you do then Scott is your man!


Faust MeK

I have no words to describe how blessed I feel to have found Scott.

I finally found the sound I have been searching for which it has taken years. Scott understood my vision and made it a reality 100%.

Professional, easy to work with, Reliable and disgustingly talented. Win win!

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Corey Hunter

Not only is Scott a great audio engineer, he's also adept at maximizing a song's potential. His myriad of insights and ideas provided the perspective I needed, culminating in a song with greater color and depth than what I'd originally envisioned. Working with Scott was an inspiring and enlightening process and I thoroughly recommend him.





Let me take your metal tracks and turn them into a sledgehammer.

This is where I'll create brutal guitar tones and bring out the savagery of your heavy tracks.



Need some death metal drums but don't feel like programming them? What about black metal blasts but can't be arsed? I've got 20+ years experience programming MIDI. Let me program the brutality for you instead.



I'm famous for creating massive, brutal guitar tones, so feel free to send me your DIs so I can shape something absolutely crushing for you.



I'll be that guy editing your drums, looking at every single double kick hit to ensure it sounds good. No blast beat will be left behind. Let's give your music the absolute metal precision that it needs in order to slam.



Time to make it loud and metal as hell! Truthfully—time to ensure your zombie or ice cold wintery genius is ready to go and sounds like it belongs on Spotify. All the final tweaks will be made at this stage to ensure your music is unleashed with proper ferocity.

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